#KatieOnGMA causes stir, bringing back a #TODAYLegend



Get ready for #Todaylegend! He/She/It is here! Grab your caffeinated bev and gather round – @todayshow starts in two shakes of a lamb"s tail

— Savannah Guthrie (@SavannahGuthrie) April 2, 2012

The Today Show legend is … Meredith Vieira ! With a great announcement with Lenny. #TODAYLegend @todayshow

— Ryan Olsen (@rkolsen) April 2, 2012

Meredith Vieira also announces she is hosting @NBCOlympics' Opening Ceremony coverage.

— Steve Kopack (@SteveKopack) April 2, 2012

With this coming tomorrow:

Longtime number one morning television program, “The Today Show,” is gearing up for a week filled with special guests, big announcements and the return of a #TODAYLegend – all caused by one former TODAY anchor: Katie Couric. This week while Robin Roberts is on vacation, Couric is taking over as a co-anchor, possibly filling a fantasy for the head honchos of “Good Morning America” to have Katie as a permanent anchor. GMA has long been number two in ratings under “The Today Show,” and one thing sure to rattle the morning lineup would be Katie anchoring some form of GMA. But, that would defeat the point of her leaving NBC to begin with, so, alas, she’s not staying folks – just enjoy your week with her.

Wonderful! RT @katiecouric: Final touches! #katieongma http://t.co/UjIpnSaL

— Samantha Yanks (@SamanthaYanks) April 2, 2012

First time ever watching @gma. So nice to see @katiecouric in the morning again. #katieongma

— Olga (@TeamOlga) April 2, 2012

Same name…same biz, just had 2 tweet u! RT @GMA RT @darcyny: Behind The Scenes This Morning! #katieongma http://t.co/mS5NiCrJ

— Darcy Tannebaum (@dt007) April 2, 2012

Haven't watched morning network news in awhile, but #KatieonGMA is back! Almost time to tune in!

— Erin Shannon Smith (@cloverlanemom) April 2, 2012

And, with all that said, media mogul Oprah Winfrey is making a special appearance on “CBS This Morning,” alongside her best friend and co-anchor of the program, Gayle King. What a morning for television it is, folks. Here’s a bit of coverage from #OprahThisMorning:

Quite a quote: RT @CBSThisMorning: On starting @OWNTV, @Oprah: Had I known it was this difficult, I would have done something else

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) April 2, 2012

"I will always be okay because I live in the center of myself." @Oprah #OprahThisMorning

— dcfab (@dcfab) April 2, 2012

Oprah might not want to cry, but i'm getting choked up hearing @oprah talk about her BFF @GayleKing. #oprahthismorning

— Kira Kleaveland (@KiraTV) April 2, 2012


. @Oprah "Because you failed, doesn't make you a failure" @CBSThisMorning

— Mosheh Oinounou (@Mosheh) April 2, 2012

Meredith on Today, Katie on GMA, and Oprah on CBS — which leading lady are you watching this AM?

— Kellie Patterson (@KelliePatterson) April 2, 2012


Not everyone’s in a tizzy, though. Be sure to click here for refreshing perspective from a couple of Twitter users mocking GMA’s hype over pajama-clad Katie. Heh.