When This Tribe Saw A White Person For The First Time In The ’70s, Researchers Recorded It


It’s hard to imagine being completely cut off from all of society. Most of us have been raised in a global community connected by technology. Growing up in a faraway place, isolated from the rest of the world (and grocery stores), is unfathomable.

That’s why it’s so fascinating to see this video. Researchers were studying a tribe that was cut off from the rest of the world when something amazing happened on film. The tribe finally became brave enough to interact with the crew and it’s obvious that it was their very first interaction with a white man…ever.

They were excited and confused at first…

But soon they were brave enough to inspect the men watching them.

Their curiosity is apparent — and watching what they do is fascinating.

There are very few native tribes left in the world that are completely isolated — hopefully, our growing and changing societies don’t encroach upon their homes. Being so “pure” is a very rare (and curious) thing.