When They Had To Either Drop Two Players Or Forfeit, They Did Something Amazing


Young girls hear all the time that they can’t play sports alongside boys, but these kids do things a little differently.

The St. John’s Chargers from Clark, New Jersey, are a Catholic Youth Organization basketball team of fifth grade boys and girls who’ve been happily playing together for four years. Unfortunately, the league director recently told them that they’d have to either kick the two girls off the team or forfeit their entire season, which they were almost done with.

Jim Goodness, spokesman for the archdiocese of Newark, said that the rules “specifically state the teams should be boys or girls only,” but there weren’t enough interested girls to make up their own team. Luckily for these two basketball lovers, their friends didn’t care what the rules were.

Before one of their final games, the whole team decided that they’d rather forfeit than go on without their teammates.

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(via The Huffington Post)

Here’s hoping that their unity inspires rule makers to change their minds. Be sure to share this story if you think that everyone on this great team should be allowed to play.