TV News Anchorman Battling Brain Cancer Announces To Viewers He Only Has Months To Live.


Being in the public eye can be difficult. Not only are you a target for unfair ridicule, but your most personal, private problems are on a stage for the world to see. What this news anchor did in the face of his own tragedy, though, is amazing.

You may need to grab some tissues for this one…

(Source: YouTube and The Daily Mail)

Dave Benton had been battling brain cancer and when he realized his time was coming to an end, he make the difficult decision to tell his viewers. The anchor from Illinois, in a heartbreaking segment, announced to the world that he had been fighting cancer and only had four-to-six months to live. He bravely also said that he hopes to work as long as he can.

His brain tumor is too large for surgery or radiation … he also wants to make sure he makes the most of his final days alongside his wife and two children. Keep Dave, and others like him, in your thoughts. Life is never fair and the hand they have been dealt is especially tragic. 

Share his story with others. More people should see bravery like this.