This May Look Like Nails Hammered Into Wood, But It’s Actually Art. And It’s Awesome.


David Foster is a wonderfully creative artist who specializes transforming the seemingly mundane into something spectacular. He works mainly with pointillism. Pointillism, traditionally, is a method of painting. It’s a process “in which small, distinct dots of pure color are applied in patterns to form an image.”

David, being the creative genius that he is, decided to take pointillism in a different direction. Instead of using paint, he selected a more unique medium: nails.

By hammering nails into a surface in a particular pattern, David can make pictures.

If you stand back far enough, the effect is stunning.

His canvas looks like it’s covered in graphite sketches.

(H/T Visual News)

The process David uses takes hours upon hours. You can see how he works in the video below. How this artist can visualize the image as a whole while he works on just one nail is amazing.

This isn’t construction. It’s art!

If you love David’s work, see more of it at his online portfolio. Or, you can share this article with others by clicking on the button below. This is talent people should see.