They Go To The Desert Each Day To Dump Toxic Waste, And It’s So Illegal


By this point, it should go without saying that dumping toxic waste is illegal. Still, it’s something that a surprising number of companies regularly do. YouTuber Luke Murray works for one of those companies. In a video uploaded this week, Murray says that his employer is forcing him and his coworkers to dump and then burn two or three barrels of toxic waste products every night in the Nevada desert.

Murray zooms in on the barrels for a moment during the video, and each one is labeled Hocut 795-H. According to the manufacturer’s website, Hocut 795-H is a “general-purpose cutting fluid,” and an “industry-changing soluble oil that operates independently of sump-side additives even in the most severe conditions.”

Essentially, that means it shouldn’t be dumped out into the wilderness like that. You can check out Murray’s full video below.

(via Heavy)

As of this writing, it’s unclear which company Murray works for and whether steps are being taken to stop the dumping. Murray’s best course of action would be to contact the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP) for them to step in. If not, he risks becoming the target in a lawsuit from the NDEP if they decide to prosecute the company.