They Found These Kittens Stuck In An Unlikely Place — Watch Their Amazing Rescue


While looking for a safe place to have a litter of kittens, one silly kitty mom decided that the exhaust pipe of a restaurant was the best place to raise her new family. As you can imagine…it wasn’t.

When the owners of the restaurant hadn’t noticed the mom around for two days and the cries of the kittens getting louder they decided to call the good people at Animal Aid Unlimited. Rescuing the five babies was quite the task, as they had to cut through the metal shell of the exhaust pipe to reach the teeny, helpless kittens. It’s a good thing they did though, since two of the kittens were in critical condition and wouldn’t have survived another moment in there.

I’d hate to think what would have happened to these poor babies if no one had heard their cries.

If you’d like to help make more incredible rescues like this one possible, please consider donating to Animal Aid Unlimited here.