These Cooking Videos Are Amazing Because The Dishes Are So Tiny


There’s a whole group of people at the Art Institute in Chicago who are dedicated to creating dozens of tiny, intricate replicas of historically significant rooms. The exhibit draws a ton of visitors each year, because people like small things! There’s no doubt about it. There’s something about the attention to detail that captivates viewers.

It’s only natural that people would take the miniature trend into the culinary world. Check out a few of these amazingly tiny creations!

This stuff is seriously cute.

Even with tiny food, you can’t skip the prep.

And it has to be seasoned, too.

Perfectly al dente!

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You have to get a nice crust on there.


We’re okay with the five-second rule.

That’s it. I’m getting myself a tiny kitchen, complete with little spatulas and serving dishes. This is too cute, and honestly, the food looks really good. I’d need 100 servings to be anywhere near satisfied, but the commitment to detail is pretty amazing.

Have more of a sweet tooth?

This mini cake will hit the spot.

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As if regular sushi wasn’t already delicate enough, there’s this!

This pancake flips like a dream.

If only that were the case for regular pancakes.

If you like these, make sure you head over to Miniature Space’s YouTube Channel. Everything they make is tiny, tasty, and way too cute.