These Beautiful Flower Lamps Bloom Whenever Someone Walks By…Truly Genius


Valero Square in Jerusalem is not in the best state. The buildings are covered in graffiti and the notable facilities are ones like ugly electricity substations.

Instead of letting the public space fall into even further disrepair, HQ Architects decided to do something about it. They chose to install an interactive art piece in an effort to brighten it up a bit. The design is so whimsical — almost fantasy-like — that it truly brings a big breath of fresh air to the otherwise glum spot.

Called Warde, the giant flowers tower over pedestrians making their way through the space.

And when someone walks by…

They can sense it, and bloom into beautiful poppies.

The square is cut in half by a tram, and the flowers can sense when that drives past as well.

There are four of these urban flowers, positioned to be seen from all over the square.

When the space is empty, the flowers deflate and enter a state of slumber, with their fabric gently flowing in the breeze.

Other than a sense of magic, the flowers provide shade for anyone who decides to stand under them.

They’ll stay inflated as long as someone is underneath them.

At nighttime, the centers of the flowers light up, illuminating the square.

See them in action:

They’re just the touch of wonder the city center needed.

(via Bored Panda, Design Boom)

HQ Architects‘ aim for this installation wasn’t to battle the chaos of the location, but to provide a beam of light upon the city center. These giant interactive flowers have done that and more, creating a feeling of vibrancy in a world that can often seem bleak. For more of HQ Architects’ inspiring designs, make sure you like them on Facebook.

And don’t forget to check out the wonderful photographer, Dor Kedmi, who captured some of the flowers on film on Facebook, too!