There’s Something Very Different About This Seemingly Normal Restaurant.


If you were walking by this brand new restaurant, you may be surprised to notice something a little different about the staff. It might seem a little bizarre at first, but it’s truly brilliant. Signs is a restaurant that hires a certain kind of server (but most people may not realize it when they first step in the door).

More importantly, even ordering a meal here helps bring people like yourselves in touch with those we may never have otherwise interacted with.

Don’t have any idea what I’m talking about? Check this out and all will be revealed…

(H/T: The National via San Francisco Globe)

What the restaurant’s owner is doing to raise awareness to those deaf people all around us is amazing. By helping make American Sign language approachable, and even fun, perhaps these patrons will be encouraged to reach out to people they wouldn’t have in the future. If you think this place would be fun to visit, be sure to share with your friends using the buttons below.