Students Couldn’t Believe What Happened When This Pregnant Teen Started Speaking


If you made it through high school, you know that rumors and stereotypes cut deep. Thousands of students go home every day feeling depressed and downtrodden because of the way they’re treated by classmates. For bullies, everything from economic status to clothing choice is grounds for brutal harassment. That’s something one teen learned the hard way when people discovered that she was pregnant.

The star student, who was always known for her intelligence, was cast further and further out by her peers as her belly continued to grow. People suddenly swore that they “knew it was coming,” and shamed her for being “too irresponsible.” But a few months after everyone learned about her situation, she revealed an astonishing secret.

She made the entire thing up.

In a clear display of intelligence, Gaby Rodriguez uncovered a painful truth about high school students. While the secret was hers alone, the revelation said far more about her peers than it did about Gaby herself. People from all walks of life are quick to judge others, but students seem to use high school hallways as breeding grounds for harassment.

We wish Gaby the best as she works with community leaders to help young moms — and teens in general — find safe spaces in their schools.