Sculptures That Seem To Be Made Of Stone, But Actually…Wait Until You See It.


Chinese artist, Li Hongbo, is a sculptor, but his work is not made using traditional materials. Rather than using marble or stone, Hongbo’s masterpieces are made out of paper. Yep. I know crazy, right? Wait until you see how he does it. 

First Hongbo layers paper through a carefully considered process that can take months to complete. Then he works at the paper, cutting, polishing, and chiseling away to create the final product.

Because the sculptures are made out of paper, they can be manipulated like paper. Just take a look to see what I mean.  

Normal looking classical sculptures right?

What the…!? The sculptures can be pulled and stretched because they are made of paper.


Stretchy, and a little bit scary.

The stretchiness of the sculptures gives them a completely different meaning.

They can be distorted so as to lose their original design completely.

The detail is so amazing though.

Standing on its head.

Expanding your mind, quite literally.

It looks like the head is on a spring.

Up close detail of the outside of one of the sculptures.

Closeup of the inside of one of the sculptures.

Check out a few gifs of Hongbo’s sculptures being manipulated. These are pretty crazy. 

 Here’s a little bonus video of Hongbo’s work.

(Via: Design Milk)

That really had me going. From a distance I never would have guessed that these made of paper. See what your friends think of these paper sculptures by clicking below to share on Facebook.