Remember This The Next Time You’re At The Beach…The Clams Are Always There


Most people don’t think much of clams…they’re small, delicious creatures that we’re more used to eating than observing in nature.

However, that doesn’t mean the mollusks aren’t occasionally fascinating and maybe just a little bit creepy. Take this video from 2012, for example.

The YouTuber was staying on Topsail Island in North Carolina when one day he went to the beach early, just as the tide was coming in. As the waves washed up, he witnessed thousands of small coquina clams emerging from the sand just in time for each new wave. Coquina clams are filter feeders, and they take in sea water, eat the small organisms in it, and then spit the water back out.

This is almost mesmerizing to watch.

That is unreal…and just a bit creepy, if I’m being honest. But still, nature is an amazing thing.