Phillies’ Revere tapes Boston tribute in glove; Makes great catch, new fans


Even when I play I was still think about the ppl in Boston. God Bless!!…

— Ben Revere (@BenRevere9) April 16, 2013


— Ben Revere (@BenRevere9) April 15, 2013

Philadelphia Phillies’  baseball player Ben Revere kept Boston Marathon bombing victims in his prayers and on his glove. He also managed to make an amazing catch. He won much-deserved plaudits and kudos from old and new fans alike.

Amazing. “@nesn: Phillies Outfielder Ben Revere Writes ‘Pray for Boston’ on Glove, Makes Incredible Catch (Video)

— Marisa Curry (@Marisa_Curry) April 16, 2013

Love that @benrevere9 is trending. A stud outfielder and a class act for his “Pray For Boston” message on his glove. Let’s get a series win!

— Tim Kitzinger (@TimmyKitz) April 16, 2013

@benrevere9 You gained a new fan today. Showed pure class during some tragic times and made one hell of a catch. #PrayForBoston

— Corey Wallis (@CoreyWallis17) April 16, 2013

Hey @benrevere9 not only did you gain a new fan today in me but the entire city of #Boston, #ClassAct #ThankYou

— Matt Cote (@MCote31) April 16, 2013

@benrevere9 You are a class act! Thank you for showing your respect for Boston. You have a new fan no matter what team i cheer for.

— Adam Huczel (@adamhux87) April 16, 2013

@benrevere9 Before this season, I didn’t know who you were. You’re on my fantasy team. You have a new fan now. Awesome tribute to Boston.

— James Novobilsky (@jsnovobilsky) April 16, 2013

Mad respect for @benrevere9 for doing his thing at the game while still finding a way to show support towards Boston #prayforboston

— Jon Pat (@Jonpat0505) April 16, 2013

Watch the video. Thank you for the uplift, Ben Revere!