Palin appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’ brings out vicious keyboard trolls


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin swung by “The Tonight Show” to help spread the word about her upcoming cable show, “Amazing America.” A surprisingly respectful Jimmy Fallon even touted Palin’s October 2008 prediction that Russian President Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine if Obama was elected.

Of course, Palin-haters lined up to drool their vitriol onto their keyboards:!/MeowSays1/status/451569781523480578!/JillKuraitis/status/451583807280263170!/AndrewBridenbak/status/451577358416220160!/Palliceleigh/status/451571373651935232!/lohphat/status/451576357315543040!/MikeScholtz/status/451567669636911104!/lisagp/status/451567264370667520

Notice Lisa didn’t even watch the show — that’s the kind of “tolerance” we can expect from the rabid mouth-foaming left.


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