No, This Isn’t Photoshop. It’s The Most Breathtaking, Beautiful Creation I’ve Ever Seen.


When McCann commissioned photographer Nick Meek to create a dreamlike, beautiful landscape full of flowers in order to promote a new Sony television, they probably didn’t realize he was going to build heaven on earth. What Nick was able to create in this Costa Rican village was truly breathtaking. It’s so beautiful, it’s hard to believe this is real.

Nick brought an amazingly beautiful vision to life for Sony’s new 4K TV.

The team and the entire Costa Rican town collected 8 million beautiful flower petals, representing the 8 million pixel display of the 4K television.

They they spread those petals around the gorgeous countryside.

The petals erupted from a volcano, covered an entire town and fell beautifully from the sky.

Imagine walking through the natural beauty of Costa Rica, its lush landscape covered in soft petals.

It’s so beautiful, it seems like it couldn’t possibly be real.


Nick Meek is an incredibly artist.

Source: Nick Meek via My Modern Met These kinds of advertisements are truly an art form. If you think the pictures of this advertising campaign are beautifully surreal, you need to see the video, too:

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