New Dad Tries To Be Supportive In The Delivery Room But Totally Loses It Instead


Women give birth every day, and too often we forget just how miraculous that experience is.

Just think about it! Life! A fully formed tiny human created by two people is coming out of her body! Sure, they can’t take care of themselves for a long time, but that’s still the beginning of a life with infinite possibilities. It’s amazing and beautiful.

Incredible as it may be, however, one man recently stood by his partner’s side in the delivery room and apparently got the shock of his life. Astounded by the miracle of childbirth or kind of horrified? You decide.

His partner starts pushing, and he’s overcome with emotion, even covering his face.

It’s almost like he can’t believe what he’s seeing. Did you miss this day in school, bud?

He’s on edge all the way up until the end of the birth.

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