Koko The Gorilla Has An Important Message That Everyone Needs To Hear


Called “the voice of nature” by the Gorilla Foundation, Koko the gorilla has wowed humans across the globe with her abilities for years. When she talks, people listen. The 45-year-old genius communicates brilliantly in sign language, and she knows well over 1,000 words.

And her latest message is so important. As we all know, the Earth’s climate is rapidly changing, and humans are single-handedly destroying the beautiful planet we call home. Koko wants us to know that we can make a change if we stop what we’re doing and band together, but she also makes it clear that this change needs to happen soon. Check out the video below to hear all of what this incredible animal has to say.

It’s clear that Koko has a deep passion for the world around her. She may not be human, but her message is just as important as anything we have to say about the matter. How amazing is she?