It Looks Like He’s Just Lighting A Piece Of Paper On Fire, But Look Closer…


There are some really unique art forms out there. Some of them are amazing and you can wrap your head around how they’re created, but others are just mind-bendingly awesome…things that you never would have thought existed.

Take Steven Spazuk, for instance, who paints with fire. Yes, you read that correctly. Fire painting is a craft that requires the artist to burn a piece of paper, but what he does following that is truly incredible. Here it is in action:

He makes it look so simple.

But the amount of detail is incredibly mesmerizing to watch emerge.

In addition to the flames, he uses everything from feathers to X-Acto knives and paintbrushes.

Watch more of the magic in the full video:

I never knew this kind of art even existed! I hope Steven Spazuk’s talent encourages people to get a little more creative with their artistry. After all, the world can never have enough beauty!