Fail: Sandra Fluke, composite tool, ‘stands with Obama’; mockery ensues


Ha! Nope. She just further entrenched her “tool” status by announcing that she “stands with Obama.” Why? He called her and stuff! Or something.

"Anyway, inter alia or whatever, we know Mitt Romney will never stand up for women, because he didn't call me."

— Katherine Miller (@katherinemiller) August 8, 2012

She totally got to introduce him in Denver today as well. Squee!

Is Julie coming too? RT @MelissaTweets @benshapiro Sandra Fluke to introduce Obama in Denver. Yeah, that wasn't a coordinated hit.

— Bill (@DefendWallSt) August 8, 2012

What on earth made the increasingly desperate Obama team think that having Sandra Fluke’s support would be a great coup? They breathlessly pimp her out, yet again.

President Obama on Sandra Fluke: “She is one tough and poised young lady.”

— OFA (@OFA) August 8, 2012

Did you see: Sandra Fluke on why she stands with President Obama: Women's health activist Sandra Fluke wrote an …

— White House News (@WhiteHouseNews) August 8, 2012

LIVE: @SandraFluke about to introduce @BarackObama at a Denver rally. She'll be EXCLUSIVELY on #edshow tonight at 8pET!

— Ed Schultz (@edshow) August 8, 2012

"@truthteam2012: .@SandraFluke supports @BarackObama because he has “consistently stood up for us, for our rights and for our health”.

— gdhanjes (@dhanjes) August 8, 2012

Except for the rights of girls whose lives are snuffed out before they can take their very first breaths, right? Caring about health doesn’t include caring about life, evidently. It is President Obama and his fellow Democrats who don’t respect women; by devaluing life, they devalue the life bearers as well. You do not respect women if you think that their children are disposable.

Where is the pat on her purty, little head? Good, Sandra! Good girl! Now get back in the kitchen and let the big man Obama handle things, you helpless dear!

Citizens have had enough of the Flukes and the “Julias.”

Because you and Messina created her, she has to. RT @stefcutter Sandra Fluke: "Why I'm Standing with President Obama Today"

— Bill (@DefendWallSt) August 8, 2012

OMG Obama using Sandra Fluke, as a spokeswoman? A friggen fraud going to a $50,000 tuition school who can't afford 'birth control?'

— mark wonderful (@markwonderful) August 8, 2012

Other than making many women think they are getting something for free obama has provided nothing new.

— Fair_Tax (@Fair_Tax) August 8, 2012

"We celebrate the fact that Sandra Fluke is gainfully employed so she can pay for her own contraceptives" -Concerned Women for America

— Emily Miller (@EmilyMiller) August 8, 2012

If you thought we'd heard the last of Sandra Fluke, I'm afraid I have some bad news…

— Lila Rose (@LilaGraceRose) August 8, 2012

"Sandra Fluke: Why I’m standing with President Obama today" <- Nobody really cares.

— Ron M. (@Jewtastic) August 8, 2012

Something tells me that @SandraFluke and Julia know one another and hang out regularly. #FreeStuffFromObama

— Billy Hallowell (@BillyHallowell) August 8, 2012

Free stuff!! RT @KatiePavlich: Barf "@stefcutter: Sandra Fluke: "Why I'm Standing with President Obama Today""

— Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph) August 8, 2012

Fixed! #p2 MT @stefcutter Sandra Fluke: "Why I'm Standing with President Obama Today" because I am a parasite & support other parasites.

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) August 8, 2012

Of course, the sheeple at the Denver rally cheered.

How sad. You’ve come a long way, baby! Democrats cheer a woman who believes that women are so pitiful and helpless as to need Big Daddy Government to enslave them from cradle to grave.

In which Sandra Fluke demonstrates that women on the left are one-dimensional. via @HuffPostPol

— greg harris (@sledge_harris) August 8, 2012

Indeed. That’s what happens when one is a composite “Julia,” manufactured by the woman-hating and using Left.


Seriously. Watch this. Freakin epic. These interviewees just got fluk'd: via @RevealPolitics

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) August 9, 2012

Wow. Just wow.