Excitement builds for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs



That’s the game play trailer that Ubisoft just unveiled at E3 for its incredible new game Watch Dogs. The game looks absolutely stunning and its beautiful open city landscape is undeniably unique. It’s enough to get Ubisoft and Watch Dogs trending worldwide with an outpouring of elation.

Interesting game. Best original game shown so far at E3… 'Watch Dogs' Game Demo Video – http://t.co/vKn9WKVX

— . (@jfbpna101) June 5, 2012

Watch Dogs looks like the best thing ever #e3 also Halo 4 looks stunning

— Nik Bailey (@nikobe) June 5, 2012

Just watched the Watch Dogs trailer… alright, I'm interested.

— Wolfclass Warfare (@SilverAutomatic) June 5, 2012

Was initially disappointed with Ubisoft having Flo Rida at #E32012, but they redeemed themselves with Watch Dogs

— Andrew (@andrewteeoh) June 5, 2012

so guys, what did you all think of Watch Dogs? that game's gonna be freakin epic! totally new and unique. just what we all needed!

— Yohandy (@musicman2004) June 5, 2012

Watch Dogs is my highlight of the show so far, great ideas and it looks stunning.

— Alan Boiston (@VVVGamer) June 5, 2012

Assassin's Creed 3 I'm happy for you and everything, but Watch_Dogs kinda blew you away.

— Bumblegum Jocelynbee (@KryptonGirl) June 5, 2012

So Watch Dogs is definitely the most impressive thing I've seen so far at #E3. Looks fantastic. http://t.co/uAemEQvi #LoGE3

— Matthew Byrd (@CineByrd) June 5, 2012

Watch_Dogs looks epically amazing! Who else agrees? http://t.co/hrCtrmvN

— Ryan WIlliford (@dxwinter) June 5, 2012

Looks like Ubi Soft got a new IP on their hands called Watch Dogs. The demo was very impressive. Yay for us!

— Forerunner. Pioneer. (@JVB) June 5, 2012

'Watch_Dogs' so good I was a bit let down when the shooting started. Bit w/ hacking into strangers' personal records subverts idea of NPCs

— Aaron Stewart-Ahn (@somebadideas) June 4, 2012

I like the look of Watch_Dogs because I like GTA & I like pretty gfx. About as exciting as Saints Row was in 2004 ;-p

— Leon Cox (@ratsoalbion) June 4, 2012

ZOMG Watch Dogs!!!! http://t.co/qgJLT2xt

— Destin-Y Legarie (@DestinLegarie) June 4, 2012

Here we go, gameplay footage of Watch Dogs. This game looks like a cyberpunk Assassin's Creed mixed with GTA. https://t.co/sIcZKgUN

— Patrick McCarron (@McCarron) June 4, 2012

watch dogs looks amazeballs. could be very interesting!

— Chris L (@Ghost1082) June 5, 2012