Chris Davis breaks bat, sends dugout dodging


Baltimore Orioles’ Chris Davis displayed his unworldly power against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday. The slugger hit a HUGE homerun and broke his bat in the process.

What you can’t see in the fan video above is everyone in the Orioles dugout hitting the deck in panic immediately after the swing. Davis’ broke bat flew toward his teammates and nearly hit a few in the face. Luckily nobody was injured!

Chris Davis hit a bomb and his bat broke. This ahit don't happen a lot. #SportsCenterTopTen

— Brett 2⃣5⃣⚾️ (@Edwards_025) June 14, 2012

And Chris Davis' broken bat homer might be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. #Mantle used to do stuff like that. @mikeyoh21

— Ryan Wagner (@rwags614) June 14, 2012

#SCtop10 My man Chris Davis with da broken bat, and I mean broken, 2 run bingo!! #orioles

— Robert Sean Zimmerma (@Bobby_the_Z) June 14, 2012

Chris Davis broken bat home run, crazy strong!

— Damon Valloreo (@DamonValloreo) June 14, 2012

Chris Davis hit a broken bat bomb.. He's a freaking man

— Max (@imax335) June 14, 2012

It's so crazy that Chris Davis hit a homer on a broken bat. #thisiswhyilovebaseball #Orioles

— Thomas the Creator (@TBedrock2) June 14, 2012

You have to take a look at the broken bat HR by Orioles Chris Davis. Come on Buccos, let's win Thursday.

— al shubert (@Shoebinavia2) June 14, 2012

Haven't seen Chris Davis' broken bat home run yet? Do it now. Almost ruined by #Orioles fans doing wave in background.

— Brian Ellis (@brianellis44) June 14, 2012

chris davis breaks bat in half and still takes a jog around the bases. ummm amazing? yes #SCTop10

— 6⃣0⃣ (@tanner__page) June 14, 2012

Chris Davis breaks a bat, sends the O's ducking in the dugout and still nails a homer…there's something you don't see everyday.

— Richard McFadden (@RickyPhoenix) June 14, 2012

That Chris Davis hr is stoopid. the bat head ended up in the dugout and the ball ended up in the rf bleachers. #stud

— Will Pence (@sknywil) June 14, 2012

Hahah Chris Davis hit a homer and broke his bat? That's sick

— Ryalmo (@MorrieFresh) June 14, 2012