Canadian water polo player pays tribute to fellow athletes through music


The Canadian national women’s water polo team failed to qualify for this year’s Olympics, but rather than succumbing to the temptation to dwell on not making it to London, one team member took a very creative approach to channeling her frustration. In addition to being a star athlete, Rosanna Tomiuk is also an accomplished musician. Unable to support Team Canada in London as a fellow competitor, she penned a song to cheer on and pay tribute to Canadian Olympians.

Tomiuk spotlighted several athletes in “Made It,” and she let them all know via Twitter:

Ok, @Tracy_Little, the game is Where's Waldo! You're Waldo, and you might be found at around 4:24… My love for you:

— Rosanna Tomiuk (@RosannaTomiuk) July 31, 2012

@ReubenRoss Reub, there's a little note for you @ 4:44 ish! Find it! Read it. All true. Go! Where's Waldo Olympic Song:

— Rosanna Tomiuk (@RosannaTomiuk) July 31, 2012

@vankayak I started this song on guitalele, FYI!!! Thanks for inspiring me, in a fewww ways. Your note is at 4:14 ish.

— Rosanna Tomiuk (@RosannaTomiuk) July 31, 2012

@Milorad_Cavic I accidentally included you in my song for Team Canada. 😉 Kick butt. Pay close attention to 4:11:

— Rosanna Tomiuk (@RosannaTomiuk) July 31, 2012

@LizzieMurph I saw you on TV yesterday! Now find yourself in here! This song is for you. Check dem lyrics! Hint: 4:04.

— Rosanna Tomiuk (@RosannaTomiuk) July 31, 2012

@huguesfournel ok, I lied. I didn't write what I told you I'd write. It's better. Find it! Where's Waldo! Hint: 3:57.

— Rosanna Tomiuk (@RosannaTomiuk) July 31, 2012

@tobiasoriwol Tobi, not sure I ever told you this, but it's true…find what I mean in the song!!! Hint: 3:50.

— Rosanna Tomiuk (@RosannaTomiuk) July 31, 2012

@JessicaZelinka have a lil' note for you in our Where's Waldo Olympic song! Hint: 2:41. Thanks for pursuing excellence.

— Rosanna Tomiuk (@RosannaTomiuk) July 31, 2012

@ADespatie Alex! Wrote you a little love note in our Olympic Song. Where's Waldo! Go find it! Hint: 2:34.

— Rosanna Tomiuk (@RosannaTomiuk) July 31, 2012

@MegBenfeito @Roselinefilion @Eheymans @JennAbel91 Félicitations! J'vous ai ecrit un chanson Olympique! Check 2:46!

— Rosanna Tomiuk (@RosannaTomiuk) July 31, 2012

The athletes were touched by the gesture:

@RosannaTomiuk Rosie, you amaze me. You are a beautiful person/singer/friend. Much better than finding just a poster. Thank you for this.

— Tracy Little (@Tracy_Little) July 31, 2012

Amazing song @RosannaTomiuk Allez l'écouter!

— Elise Marcotte (@EliseMarcotte) July 31, 2012

@RosannaTomiuk You're beautiful and so is your song, thank you for the shout-out at 4:11! So glad to have met you 🙂

— Milorad Cavic (@Milorad_Cavic) July 31, 2012

@Tracy_Little @rosannatomiuk WOW… Thank you! That was breath taking

— Karine Thomas (@0oKarineo0) July 31, 2012

Thats amazing! thank you so much! #SOGOOD RT “@RosannaTomiuk: Alex! Wrote you a little love note in our Olympic Song.

— Alexandre Despatie (@ADespatie) July 31, 2012

@RosannaTomiuk you are a star my friend. Love it! Go Canada Go!!

— Hugues Fournel (@huguesfournel) July 31, 2012

@RosannaTomiuk Rosie I'm totally crying after watching this! Unbelievable! Check this video out everyone! #Inspired

— Lizanne Murphy (@LizzieMurph) July 31, 2012

Tomiuk may not have made it to the Olympics, but she’s certainly proved her worth as a genuine team player. She embodies the Olympic spirit of national camaraderie, and her classy, gracious approach to a personal setback should inspire others to turn difficult situations into inspirational ones. Kudos to her.