Bill O’Reilly gives Sen. Ted Cruz PR advice: ‘Just say what I said’


For someone who managed to talk for more than 20 hours straight about Obamacare and its effects on the economy, Sen. Ted Cruz still has trouble being heard. Keep in mind he was talking with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, so it’s not entirely surprising that the man spearheading the fight to defund Obamacare found himself being lectured on how to do it right.!/bluemoonrambler/status/385195028022575104

The details of that PR program? O’Reilly recommends Cruz just repeat what O’Reilly just said; that’ll help Republicans in the polls, certainly. And it’s really all about the polls, right?!/BeverlyPlummer1/status/385195026944258048!/JustJeniA/status/385194957331369985!/Mamadoxie/status/385194771876040704!/cstalinsky/status/385199582730137600!/Stump_Speech/status/385194997252780032

Something tells us Cruz will continue to speak for himself, but thanks, Bill.