A Father Surprised His Daughter With Something Truly Touching On Her Wedding Day


When Ralph Duquette was diagnosed with leukemia, his family stood by his side while he went through several rounds of chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, the chemo left much of his body numb, but his cancer amazingly went into remission. After trying to take his first steps in the hospital, though, Duquette fell. This sadly left him blind in one eye.

Fast-forward three years and the 64-year-old father had been confined to a wheelchair. But when he found out his daughter was getting married, he was determined to return the favor and stand by her side.

Duquette kept his surprise a secret to everyone and underwent months of tough physical therapy to get his legs ready.

When the big day finally came…well, just watch how everyone reacts.

The bride’s father left his post as escort down the aisle and took to the altar to marry his daughter off!

But the surprises didn’t stop at the ceremony. During the reception, Duquette’s brother convinced him to dance with his daughter.

If you weren’t crying already, this will surely do it!

This just makes me so happy! What a wonderful moment they got to share.